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Ever since I got my hands on my first 48 count box of Crayolas I knew art would be in my future. Even back then I always found a way to color in between the lines, yet make something creative and different.


I am blessed to be uniquely gifted to have backgrounds in both Graphic Design and Architectural Design. I have a Bachelors of Architecture Degree from Tuskegee University, as well as ten years of professional experience as a Graduate Intern Architect. But I am also a self-taught Graphic Designer. Since 2004 I have been creating original works in various forms of design including logo design, print design, illustration and digital artwork. I am constantly working on my craft and enthusiastic about learning new things. I am currently expanding my skills in Adobe Illustrator as well as teaching myself web design.


I believe that it's critical to listen to clients' needs and aspirations for a particular project. I then make it my goal to provide a responsive, creative and functional solution. In other words, I take your vision and visually bring it   to life.

My name is Sam Matthews and I am a Design Professional

(in other words, I make pretty pictures).

My background in the architecture industry has provided me with the skills, as well  as the professional work ethic needed to serve clients.  Architecture  has equipped me to understand the balance between functionallity and design. Creativity and outside-the-box thinking are only a part of the process. The details are equally important. Architecture is a very analytical and detail oriented profession, but aesthetics and imagination are vital too. I carry this thought process over into my graphic design projects. 


is me!

As a native of Philadelphia, PA, I developed my love of sports ( I'm a DIE-HARD Eagles, Sixers and Phillies fan ), culture and music, as well as an appreciation for art and architecture. Growing up, beautiful pictures could be seen everywhere and in everything from the buildings, to the works displayed in the Art Museum ( the temple looking building at the top of the big flight of steps in "Rocky" ), to the graffiti on walls, and even the murals they painted to cover up the graffiti.


It is also where my parents raised me to be a man of faith, family, hard work and integrity.  Though my projects/clients are not exclusively faith-based, my christian faith influences me as a designer. I consider my abilities to be a gift from the Master Architect and Designer. So it is only right that I give credit where credit is due. This is the concept behind one:7TEEN Grafix.


I have been a resident of Alabama since graduating from the prestigious
Tuskegee University in 2003.  There I met my beautiful wife. She is the love of my life who constantly motivates and inspires me toward excellence and greatness in using the gifts that God has given me. We currently live just outside of Birmingham. 


In addition to my graphics endeavors, I also serve as the Media Ministry Director at Household of Faith Church in Birmingham, AL. I lead a team responsible for all audio/video production including a weekly radio broadcast and all visual graphics.


Please feel free to browse my online portfolio of selected works or get in touch with me to find out more about myself.

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